Stock ordering modernised

Orders Made Simple is a revolutionary stock ordering platform helping to connect hospitality and catering venues with their suppliers both existing and new.

Mobile app and digital dashboard, Orders Made Simple bring the time saving benefits of technology to the laborious task of ordering all your goods.

National and independent suppliers all in one place

Orders Made Simple have strong partnerships with some of the biggest names in the sector to bring our customers the best range of goods, ingredients and produce possible.

We have also supported smaller independent suppliers by providing them free access to our platform, giving them both a new marketplace and a new way to work with their clients.

All in one dashboard and app

Having all your suppliers on our dashboard you can compare the prices of specific items, build bespoke catalogues, and create zones for these products all of which will save help you time and money.

Our app is where you can place orders, quickly search for preselected products via the search bar, access the bespoke zones and preselected items within.

How it works

Orders Made Simple has existing contracts with over 50 leading suppliers to the hospitality industry, meaning you only have to sign up to OMS to take advantage of a supply chain covering everything from anti-bacterial spray to zucchini.

Once an order is placed on our app it is sent to the supplier directly, the supplier then delivers directly to your business, all your orders are then invoiced to you by us in 1 easy emailed invoice.