Invoices made simple!

Introducing ‘Invoices Made Simple‘: the ultimate solution for hospitality venues to streamline financial processes. Our user-friendly platform simplifies invoicing, allowing you to focus on exceptional guest experiences. Monitor price changes with detailed reports, optimise costs, and maximise profitability.

Efficiently manage stock with tailored supply chain management. Automate invoice reconciliation for accurate records, reducing errors and strengthening supplier relationships. Centralise all processes in one unified system, enhancing data accuracy and minimising payment disputes.

Experience the simplicity of Invoices Made Simple and focus on hospitality while we handle your financial management needs.

Simplify your admin today!

Price Changes

Invoices Made Simple goes beyond expectations with its automatic stock price change monitoring. Users effortlessly track stock price fluctuations, staying promptly informed of any impact on inventory costs.

This automated system saves time and effort, replacing manual monitoring with continuous market tracking. Users can rely on Invoices Made Simple to alert them of any price adjustments for their inventory items, streamlining stock management effortlessly.


With Invoices Made Simple, hospitality venues access a powerful spending calculator and detailed spending reports. Users accurately calculate gross profits by comparing revenue to costs, gaining insights into profitability and cost optimisation.

The comprehensive spending reports provide a breakdown of expenses, helping identify areas for improvement and enabling data-driven decisions for financial efficiency. By leveraging these tools, venues enhance profitability and drive smarter business strategies.

Stock Management & Reports

Our stock management tool empowers hospitality venues with efficient inventory control. Users generate detailed stock reports for current levels, historical data, and item quantities.

Customisable and available on-demand or scheduled, these reports provide up-to-date insights. Centralising stock management with Orders Made Simple optimises the supply chain, reduces waste, and ensures seamless operations with timely product availability.