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We recommend that the initial OMS set up is on either a desktop or laptop computer. Once set up is complete you will be able to connect with the OMS app and use that going forward for orders. However you will also be able to use the desktop version of OMS if you prefer.

Below we have a video guiding you through ‘how to add an extra venue’ process and also a step by step walkthrough guide.

Video Set up Guide

Set Up Walkthrough

  • The first step is to open your web browser and type in the url – www.dashboard.ordersmadesimple.com
  • Then please enter your OMS account email, password, and then click the ‘log in’ button
  • Underneath your existing venue tab, you can enter an extra venue in the ‘venue title’ box then click ‘add’
  • Your new venue tab will appear, click on ‘new venue tab’ to enter venue dashboard
  • Once you have inputted the venue ‘contact number’, ‘order deadline’ and ‘address’ into the settings section, your venue ‘connection code’ will be provided and you will be ready to order for this new venue

If you are having any problems or issues with this step please contact us below.



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