The benefits of using OMS

The Benefits of using OMS will be felt across the whole of your business, from the initial impact of time saved in sourcing new products from our catalogue, to the financial impact of savings our partners offer exclusively through OMS.

Inspired by the lack of technological solutions available to stock ordering within the food industry, OMS has worked throughout the pandemic to create a revolutionary approach to this crucial aspect of the food industry.


Orders Made Simple streamlines the whole the whole ordering process. Order in moments, all the items from all your suppliers with a few quick taps, you can also view the delivery day and minimum order amount, all on the app.

Our app also allows you to set up weekly orders for essential items and have your orders sent automatically at a time of your choice, not only that you now only have to deal with one invoice saving you time and effort on your admin as well as your every day orders.


No more dealing with pushy sales reps trying to clear undesirable stock from their storeroom, no more haggling with suppliers for the same price as your competition, we do all that for you!

Orders Made Simple have partnered with some of the biggest and best suppliers meaning you benefit from having access to a unique price comparison service. By ongoing negotiating, monitoring and updating of prices with our suppliers OMS can deliver real savings of 15% on each and every order.


Orders Made Simple was inspired by the lack of convenience in the essential process of ordering stock and the lack of affordable solutions on the market. While other systems are available none of them are free to use and no other system makes your orders simple.

Orders Made Simple was created to allow you to order all the items your business needs, from the palm of your hand.