The Suppliers Guide

Here you will find the answers to questions relted to OMS and our suppliers. Click the ‘Suppliers Guide’ below to view our suppliers brochure.

If you are looking for our ‘Existing Supplier List’ the please click here. Or if you need to find out information on ‘Delivery Times & Days’ then click here.

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What is Orders Made Simple?

OMS is today’s technology, making yesterdays ordering process simple!

How Our Partnership Will Work for You

What we ask of you is:

To send us your product catalogue in a CSV file. As we charge the client for the products, we require the prices to be correct each and every time. If there are any changes to the products name, description, code, size or price, we would require flexibility on these items or a credit note.

We require to be set up as a Head Office account on 14 day credit terms, to allow time to resolve any adjustments. We pay via Direct Debit, so no need to chase invoices.

The invoicing of clients is dealt with centrally by OMS, therefore all client invoices must be sent to OMS. Each client would generate a new delivery address to allow the order fulfillment.

How You Receive Orders

Your customers gain the convenience of digital ordering via Dashboard & Mobile application, allowing them to place regular and push orders at the tap of a button.

You receive one email per customer, you deliver to their address, we deal with the rest.

How We Make Money

We take no fee from the supply chain, we simply apply a small commission to the Venue that’s ordering.

The end user pays this fee via choosing our system to place their orders. Due to the various discounts we have secured across the board, the end user often ends up paying less on the total order value, than they would have independently.

When Do You Receive Orders?

We have devised a system where The clients orders are sent via email on a daily basis, unless a push order is required.

So you should expect regular orders from new and existing clients.

If you have any more questions then contact us below for a simple answer! 



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