Why join us?

Orders Made Simple customers can have all their suppliers in one easy to use app and dashboard to help manage their account.

This means that as a registered supplier with us you benefit from having access to multiple customers via a single Orders Made Simple account and much more!


Orders Made Simple provides great efficiency for suppliers. From efficient ordering via SKU codes, allowing the precise product to be searched and selected to tailored service areas, allowing you to choose pre-set areas to supply, so you’re not having to deliver to areas you’d rather not go to.


One of the great benefits of joining Orders Made Simple is risk reduction. Orders Made Simple operates by paying suppliers by direct debit, so you have a guarantee of payment. If the customer doesn’t pay it’s us who chase payment.

Orders are simple to process and our dedicated team are there to assist with any issues related to orders our customers make.


We also provide suppliers new opportunities for business, as an Orders Made Simple supplier you will be seen by our customers searching the goods you offer.

Not only that we will also give you free promotion as your business will be promoted through our social media channels and website.