Simplifying your stock orders

Orders Made Simple are delighted to partner with The Full Range to provide their clients access to our dashboard and app and all the benefits it provides absolutely free!

The Full Range combines market knowledge, manufacturer-supported pricing and client spend of over £45m per annum to give your business big company buying power immediately. Their extensive network of local and national suppliers means there is no compromise on quality for their customers.

Orders Made Simple takes a very similar approach, only choosing to partner with the best of the best suppliers around the United Kingdom. The harmony of these philosophies creates a perfect partnership between The Full Range and Orders Made Simple.

You can now order the best quality produce from all your suppliers using the best quality procurement app on the market – Orders Made Simple.

As a TFR customer you get access to OMS completely free!

What this means for you

These means you get access to our fantastic app and dashboard absolutely free with all the features and benefits it comes with.

You don’t even have to register!

All you need to do is either text ‘TFR’ to 07512846147 or speak to your TFR representative, or fill out our quick form below!

Orders Made Simple streamlines the whole the whole ordering process. Order in moments, all the items from your suppliers with a few quick taps, you can also select the delivery days and set up unique zones to suit your business all on the app.

Our app also allows you to set up weekly orders for essential items and have your orders sent automatically at a time of your choice, to speak directly with your suppliers via our messaging feature and best of all have a customer account manager always at hand for any queries you have.


The Full Range have a rich history of providing world class culinary support and professional advice to their clients. They offer ideas and solutions which help achieve greater purchasing efficiency and, ultimately, a better GP. I am wonderfully excited that Orders Made Simple is now one of those ideas and solutions that The Full Range offer to their clients.


Stephen Scurr – CEO, Orders Made Simple

Request early access text ‘TFR’ to 07512846147 or speak to your TFR representative

Getting started

Watch our quick ‘getting started’ video which shows you everything you need to know in under a minute!

Any more questions then please feel free to call us on 0131 564 1130 or email us at or if it is easier then just speak with your TFR representative.

The Full Range and Orders Made Simple, simplifying your stock orders!