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Credit Note Automation


Let OMS Automatically Raise Credit Notes For You

Never miss a credit note again. Let OMS raise credit notes automatically by comparing your uploaded invoices to your purchasing data on your OMS account.

After purchasing this upgrade, you will have the ability to securely upload all of your invoices on your OMS account. You can easily upload them via the OMS app or have your suppliers send them directly to us for hassle-free uploading. When invoices are uploaded, OMS raises credit notes based on missing products or comments made on the invoice (e.g damaged goods). These notes are then sent to suppliers and are tracked on the OMS Dashboard. You can then mark off when credit notes have been received or you can upload your credit notes via your app and OMS will mark them off for you.

It is really easy to upgrade your OMS account to access this feature. Follow these three steps

1. Fill out the contact form below
2.  Fill in your payment details via the 'Enter your Payment Detail Here' link below
3. Wait up to 24 hours for your account to update 

After completing your payment details, we will contact you to provide the necessary information for your suppliers to send the invoices to us.

Fill In Your Details

We use your email, company name, and address to match up with the right account for this upgrade. Make sure to use the details from your current OMS account when filling out this form.

We will not upgrade your account unless we know for certain we have the correct details.