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Orders Made Simple Works For You

Consider Orders Made Simple. We provide a secure, non-marketplace platform designed for suppliers and distributors in the hospitality industry. Our solution ensures your customer relationships remain intact, with data and pricing shared exclusively with your clients.

Non-Marketplace Assurance

Orders Made Simple is not a marketplace, which means your customers are not exposed to competitors when they use our platform. This unique approach ensures that your customer relationships remain intact, as there is no risk of them being tempted away by other suppliers. Our platform is designed to support your business growth while protecting your client base.

protect your customers from competitors
secure your data

Secure and Exclusive Data Sharing

At Orders Made Simple, we prioritise the security of your data and pricing. Our platform is designed to ensure that all information is shared exclusively with your customers, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your business relationships. You can trust that your sensitive information remains protected, allowing you to confidently use our platform without fear of exposure to competitors.

Comprehensive Customer Solutions

Partner with Orders Made Simple to offer your customers an all-in-one platform where they can access all their suppliers in one place. This comprehensive solution enhances convenience for your customers without the risk associated with marketplaces. By providing a unified platform, we help you strengthen customer loyalty and satisfaction. Book a demo today to see how we can transform your ordering process and support your business.

comprehensive customer solutions

Our Values

data security

Data Security and Confidentiality

We prioritise the protection of your data, ensuring all information is shared exclusively with your customers to maintain confidentiality and secure your business relationships.

operational efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, reducing manual order processing and saving you time and resources, enhancing your operational efficiency.

customer retention

Customer Retention

We are not a marketplace, so your customers are never exposed to competitors. This ensures that your client base remains loyal, supporting long-term business growth and stability.

Work With OMS

Work with Orders Made Simple for secure, exclusive data sharing and seamless integration with your systems, saving time and money. Our non-marketplace platform protects your customers from competitors, ensuring your client base remains intact. Enhance customer convenience and loyalty with our all-in-one solution. Book a demo to see the benefits firsthand.

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