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Try Orders Made Simple for FREE Today! 

  • Trial the benefits of OMS
  • Save hours a week on your ordering with a small selection of suppliers
  • Track your orders
  • See your pricing
  • Book a Demo Today! 

If you're looking to trial the benefits of Orders Made Simple with a small selection of your suppliers before you commit to one of our paid plans, OMS FREE is made for you. 

Book in a Demo with our helpful onboarding team where we will find out which suppliers you'd like on your account and show you how to use OMS FREE.

Why Choose OMS FREE?

why use our service, chef?

OMS FREE offers a great opportunity to experience Orders Made Simple without immediately opting for a paid subscription. Begin by integrating a select few suppliers into your account and commence ordering via our user-friendly platform. This initial phase allows you to uncover the full spectrum of advantages our service provides, setting the stage for a seamless future expansion to include all your vendors. 

A Suite of Tools at Your Disposal

Here are some of the great features on offer with OMS Free


Order from a small selection of suppliers all in one mobile application. 

Track those orders to see what has been confirmed and out of stock.


See who in the kitchen is placing orders and ensure that they can only order what has been pre-approved by management


Tap into Orders Made Simple's messaging service and stay in contact with your suppliers in one convenient place


Here is what some of our satisfied customers are saying about Orders Made Simple

“J&R Hotel Group switched from one of the largest hospitality systems to Orders Made Simple and immediately saw the benefits.

Our managers have reduced admin time and the system allows me to ensure sites are ordering products from the correct supplier which has improved running costs.”
Richard Drummond, Director, J&R Group
“I have saved so much time with OMS. I used to spend hours checking invoices and prices are correct and now I don’t need to do that any more, OMS does it for me.” 
Brendan, Head Chef, Cenetta, Deckers Group